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Name: Nicole
Date: 2006-09-07 21:52:58

Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it! :)r

Name: Hillari
Date: 2006-08-31 01:25:28

Wonderful and informative web site.I used information from that site its great.u

Name: Sesso
Date: 2006-04-10 12:16:13

Mmmm... Site looks good! Real good!;-)

Name: bumblebees
Date: 2006-03-31 11:57:59

Very good site, congratulations!

Name: Lora
Date: 2006-03-23 23:01:56

Lorsque la main d'un homme effleure la main d'une femme, tous deux touchent a l'eternite.

Name: Pam
Date: 2006-03-14 04:18:01

Very well displayed site for sure! Thanks-so much for sharing this, your photography is excellent!

Name: Salvatore
Date: 2006-02-22 06:46:20

Great website and very beautyfull design !!Keep it up !!

Name: Tom
Date: 2006-01-20 03:16:30

Hello Ryszard,
My compliments for your nice work!
Please come see my website and photos sometime?
Best regards from Tom.

Name: Ryszard L
Date: 2005-12-27 10:04:41


Welcome to my new GuestBook.
Please write Your opinion obaut this site and photos.

Thank you and Good Luck