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Paris at Night

Paris is often called 'The City of Light' (La Ville-lumiere) and while the city impresses a visitor during the day, at night with its all important sites beautifully illuminated, Paris impresses even more. Darkness covers the pavements and all these glorious buildings seem to be separate planets.
Parisians love their city and do not spare expense to see it in the full glory, even at night. To give an example, just to illuminate the Eiffel Tower yearly 580 000 kWh of electricity is being used. More than 10 000 bulbs have been placed on the tower, and a special team of electricians regularly climb its iron structure to replace the broken ones.
The excursion ships on the river Seine carrying the visitors, so called in Paris bateaux-mouches, carry on their board a row of powerful searchlights. Passing along visible from the river landmark buildings as Notre-Dame or Musée d'Orsay, these powerful lights illuminate them. It is amazing to observe this glow of lights moving almost silently along the river and disappearing into the night. This is how Paris falls asleep.
Photographing buildings of Paris at night
For a photographer to make pictures of all these glorious buildings at night is like falling into a trap of this wonderful city. Your pictures will not differ much from the ones in tourist publications about Paris. Never less they will remain a good souvenir of the city of light.
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