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Amsterdam gets quiet at night, but for some of its quarters night hours are the activity time. In areas like Red Light District, Chinese quarter, neighborhoods of the Leidseplein and Jordan streets become busy at night, crowded with young people and tourists.
Especially Red Light District with the shop-like windows exhibiting in sharp light sex workers, with its night clubs and x-rated movies cinemas has its time. Here, narrow streets give the visitor a spectacle where he becomes the actor himself. For a photographer it is a difficult time not only because of darkness. Although the windows with the women sex workers are usually brightly lit, an attempt to photograph here might get you at best a damage to the camera, at worst a bloody nose. These ladies do not like to be photographed at their work and they have friends who will protect them.
The old area of Jordan is much quieter but certainly not less busy. Hundreds of young people move here at night on their bicycles because in Amsterdam the whole fun is to move from one place to another, from café to a small restaurant, from a restaurant to another café and then to a club and after almost all joints have been closed to a café which is still open and sit, talk and drink there to the early morning hours.
Leidseplein with its cinemas, cafés, restaurants and night clubs is another Amsterdam night scene. Here the night usually begins with the show of the street performers directly on the square. You may watch them standing or take a drink on a terrace of the numerous cafés around.
Amsterdam by night is waiting for you to enjoy life!
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Amsterdam by night
Amsterdam by night
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